This cabinet was installed in a new mud room that we built off the garage of customer’s home. It is built from rustic alder wood and has a natural wood stain and finish. This cabinet has a bench and coat hooks on the right side so the home owner can walk in hang up their jacket then sit down and take off their muddy shoes. This side also has two large storage baskets underneath the bench seat.   The center of the cabinet is a closet with a rod for hanging up heavy winter coats and two open bins underneath to put boots or shoes in. The left side has an upper storage cabinet with 4 decorative storage baskets underneath.

Home owner had television mounted above the fire place and had their cable box and DVD player on the fire place hearth. The cords and wires hung off the mantle and ran down the fireplace to the hearth where all of their electronics sat. Customer requested that we build a bench like entertainment center for underneath their window next to the fire place.

We built an entertainment center with double glass doors on one side and a chest that opened at the top with sliding drawer for dvds and vhs tapes to be stored and easily accessible on the other side. In order to hide the unsightly cords and cables, we installed wide trim in the corner on the outside of the fire place bricks and ran the cords behind the trim and into the entertainment center. This cabinet looked like it was an original part of this living room when the job was finished.